Marlon Simon (stellvertretender Amtsleiter Ordnungsamt Steinhagen), Landrat Sven-Georg Adenauer, PHK Christian Teichmeier, PHK Andre´ Ortmeyer, LPD Holger Meier und PHK Hermann-Josef Seelhöfer
Polizeihauptkommissar Christian Teichmeier welcomed to Steinhagen
In June, Polizeihauptkommissar Christian Teichmeier took over as district officer in Steinhagen from Polizeihauptkommissar Thomas Goldbecker, who recently retired.
Gütersloh police
Polizei Gütersloh

Steinhagen (FK) - District officers are important first points of contact for the citizens of the towns and municipalities in the district of Gütersloh concerning police matters. For this reason, Landrat Sven-Georg Adenauer will not miss the opportunity to personally welcome them to their new roles at their respective locations. In June, Polizeihauptkommissar Christian Teichmeier took over from Polizeihauptkommissar Thomas Goldbecker Meienberg, who recently retired. Together with Polizeihauptkommissar André Ortmeyer, he is now part of the Steinhagen team.

The 44-year-old has been with the police in the Gütersloh district since 2006. Before moving to Steinhagen, he worked for many years in sentry duty at the Halle (Westf.) police station. His patrol area also included the municipality of Steinhagen. But that's not the only place he knows his way around. He has been with the Gütersloh district criminal investigation department since 2019 and has been particularly involved in drug-related crime in recent years.

He is taking the step to Steinhagen very consciously and full of anticipation for the time ahead. "I've had my eye on the post at the district service in Steinhagen for a long time. I'm looking forward to being there for the local residents together with my long-time companion André Ortmeyer," says PHK Teichmeier.

In addition to Landrat Sven-Georg Adenauer, Marlon Simon, Deputy Head of the Steinhagen Public Order Office, Leitender Polizeidirektor Holger Meier, Head of the Police Department and Polizeihauptkommissar Hermann-Josef Seelhöfer, Head of the District and Priority Service in Halle (Westphalia), also welcomed Christian Teichmeier to Steinhagen.

Photo (f.l.t.r.): Marlon Simon, Landrat Sven-Georg Adenauer, Polizeihauptkommissar Christian Teichmeier, Polizeihauptkommissar André Ortmeyer, Leitender Polizeidirektor  Holger Meier and Polizeihauptkommissar Hermann-Josef Seelhöfer.

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