Storage of weapons
Storage of keys for gun cabinets
There are new regulations for the storage of keys for gun cabinets.
KPB Gütersloh

In a legally binding ruling, the Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia has specified the legal requirements for the secure storage of keys for gun cabinets with key usage. Accordingly, keys for storage containers for firearms and ammunition must be kept in accordance with § 36 Para. 1, 5 in conjunction with § 13 AWaffV at least at the security level that would have to be maintained for the storage of the weapons themselves. 
Holders of existing firearms licenses are required to take appropriate precautions and create a legally compliant storage situation for the keys. For information and interesting facts, please refer to the information sheet (documents in German language only. We apologize).

There is no obligation to provide proof to the firearms authority that the keys are stored securely. However, compliance with these requirements can be checked by the weapons authority at any time as part of an unannounced on-site inspection in accordance with Section 36 (3) WaffG and, in the event of non-compliance, will result in the revocation of the weapons license.

In the case of new applications for weapons licenses, proof of key storage must be provided as part of the submission of the general proof of storage. Otherwise, a permit cannot be issued.

If you would like to submit proof of key storage, please only send high-quality and colored original images and, if applicable, proof of purchase of safes, preferably by post or in PDF format in one file by e-mail to the function mailbox: Waffenrecht.Guetersloh [at] (Waffenrecht[dot]Guetersloh[at]polizei[dot]nrw[dot]de)

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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110